How to transfer the macro files into the eDIP240?

How to transfer the macro files into the eDIP240?

We are currently designing in the EA eDIP240-7 display in one of our products.
So far we have programmed the EEPROM on the display using the KitEditor connected to the display via RS232. For production reasons we would like to write our own program that programs the EEPROM. Where can I find the specification for the commands that are required to program the EEPROM?

You can send the created macro file *.eep with any other system to the EA eDIP240-7.
All programming commands are inside this file, so you only need to send the content of the *.eep file (via RS232, SPI or I2C with smallprotocol in packets) to the EA eDIP240-7.

For Windows/DOS we do have a little tool called copycom.exe

Usage (COM1) with smallprotocol:

copycom projectname.eep -c1 -b115200 -p

Weitere Informationen und Programmierhinweise finden Sie auf unseren Seiten "Support" und "Datenblätter"

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