EA DIP203 vs EA DIP204

EA DIP203 vs EA DIP204


I have been struggling with the DIP203B-4NLW trying to get it to work.  I've purchased two of them and they both do the same thing when soldered on to my PCB.  I've used the same code with the DIP204B-4NLW and had no issues.  With the DIP203B-4NLW, the unit will not read in the 4 line display command.  Even when I do get it in 4 line display mode, when the cursor is moved to a new location, the first character is never displayed where the second one and on are displayed.  It doesn't seem like waiting extra time between the commands does any good.  Even when the commands are spaced 1 second apart, they display acts the same.  Could it be possible that I received 2 bad displays?  I would like some assistance as I have already purchased two of these units attempting to get this project up and running.  It seems like the DIP204B-4NLW worked much better.  Please help.




Dear Andy,


thanks for your email. I’m sorry to hear that you are facing problems with the EA DIP203B-4NLW. But I can comfort you, you didn’t buy defect parts (if you did it on official way of our distributors).


It seems that your hardware or software does not keep the specification (SSD1803). Even when specification of EA DIP204 and EA DIP203 are identical, things outside of spec may lead to different effect. The only difference is that the old EA DIP204 could be powered by 5V or 3.3V and the new one EA DIP203 does support 3.3V only.


One known effect when driving the display outside of spec is, that Enable line need to stay low in idle state. If it’s high, then strange things do happen:


 EA DIP203 vs EA DIP204


But there are thousands of other way to be outside of specification.


So please double check timing and especially t(fall):


EA DIP203 vs EA DIP204




One important thing with the software (besides many others): do you wait for the Busy flag?


EA DIP203 vs EA DIP204



Have success !


PS: Here are all data sheets:


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