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 Standard modulesGraphics display

LCD graphics displays in a variety of sizes and resolutions. Many displays already have an integrated controller. This enables individual pixels to be set and deleted. In addition, the T6963C controller permits the use of an integrated 6x8 character set.
The various displays are available both without illumination and with a variety of types of illumination:
- LED illumination: yellow/green in color, problem-free 5V= supply voltage, extremely long life with 100,000 h
- LED illumination white/blue: 5V= supply voltage, half-brightness 20,000~30,000h long life, blue design
- EL foil: blue, requires an EL inverter, energy-saving, limited life
- CFL tube: white, CFL inverter required, very bright, only possible with larger displays
Accessories for graphics displays include appropriate High-Level-Graphics-Controllers, character sets, bezels and illumination inverters.
You will find specific information on each display in the table below under "Data sheet". Detailed information on the programming of the different controllers is provided here: SED1520 - SED1335 - HD61202 - T6963 - HD61830 - KS0713 - ST7565

New are the two TFT Color-Displays with 3.5" and 5.7". Both provide a digital interface with 3x8 = 24 bit (16 million colors). The backlight is realised with high-efficiency LED's.


Dimensions Bezel Controller Ill. Touch Vee

Pixels W x H x D
EA P098-5NLED 98x32 52x44x13  

SED 1520

-1.5V P098-5  
EA P120-5 120x32 68x39x8 017-8U LED
-1V P120-5  
EA DIP122-5NLED 122x32 68x27x11   LED
-1V DIP122  
EA P122-5NLED 122x32 84x 44x14 0090-122 LED
-2V P122-5N  
EA W128-6X8HEW 128x64 34x25x4 KS 0713
built in W128-6XX  
EA W128-6X9EW 128x64 56x43x4 EL
built in  
EA DOGM132-5 132x32 55x27x2   integr. ST7565 LED   integr DOGM132-5  
EA DOGM128-6 128x64 55x46x2   LED yes integr. DOGM128-6  
EA DOGL128-6 128x64 68x51x3   LED yes integr DOGL128-6  
EA P320X-35ALW 320x3x240
TFT colour
77x64x3.3   integr.
LED   +15/
EA W128-6N2LED 128x64 93x70x14 0099-KE integr.
KS 0107/8
built in W128-6N2  
EA E128-6N2LW 128x64 93x70x14 0099-KE LED
built in E128-6N2  
EA DIP128-6N5LW 128x64 75x46x11   LED
built in DIP128-6  
EA DIP128J-6N5LW 128x64 75x46x11   LED
built in  
EA P128-6N3LED 128x64 84x60x11   LED
built in P128-6N3  
EA P128-6N7LED 128x64 75x53x9 017-17U LED
-5V P128-6N7  
EA J128-6N6LED 128x64 78x70x10   LED
-10V J128-6  
EA P128-7KLED 128x128 85x100x14   T 6963C onboard LED
-15V P128-7K  
EA C160-6NLED 160x80 93x70x14 0099-KE LC7981
built in C160-6  
EA W160B-6NLW 160x80 93x70x14 0099-KE LED
built in W160-6  
EA W160-7KHLW 160x128 140x102x19 017-18U T 6963C
built in W160-7  
EA W160-7KHC 160x128 140x102x19 017-18U CFL
built in  
EA DIP180B-5NLW 180x32 102x27x11 SED 1520 LED -3V DIP180
EA W240-6K2HLW 240x64 180x65x15 017-10U T 6963C
built in W240-6  
EA P240-6K2C 240x 64 187x65x14 017-10U CFL
built in P240-6  
EA DIP240B-7KLW 240x128 113x70x11   LED
built in DIP240-7  
EA W240-7K2C 240x128 170x105x14   CFL
built in W240-7K2  
EA W240-7KHLEDB 240x128 144x104x14 0FP240-7 LED
built in W240-7  
EA W240-7KHC 240x128 152x104x14 0FP240-7 CFL
built in  
EA W320W-8K3LW 320x240 156x120x21 0FP320-8 S1D13700
built in W320-8K3  
EA P320X-35ALW 320x3x240
TFT colour
160x111x9   integr.
LED   built in P320X-57A
EA W320F-8C 320x240x3
STN colour
154x115x9 0FP320F-8   CFL
+26V W320F-8  

onboard = controller with 8-bit bus interface already integrated in the module
Rec. controller = the EA 9710 board is recommended as an external controller (essential for operation)
built in Vee = +5V supply voltage only, no negative voltage required

 Graphics kits with a touch panel/keyboard input, RS-232 EA KIT128
ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY offers a wide variety of graphics displays with a serial interface, integrated graphics functions and an optional touch panel.
They are highly complex and thus ideal for rapid and uncomplicated design. The developer has immediate access to a wide variety of fonts and graphics functions.
You will find more information on our rs232 page.

 Graphics units with RS-232 EA GE128-7KV24
LCD graphics units are intelligent graphics displays with an RS-232 serial interface. With two or three integrated character sets and a wide range of graphics functions, they permit the use of the latest LCD graphics displays, thus saving time and costs. Apart from a supply voltage of +5V and RS-232 data, no further signals are required. No additional software or drivers are required for their operation. All the graphics routines are integrated in the display's in-built high-level graphics controller. This permits the creation of a clear and attractive display using only a few commands.
You will find more information on our rs232 page.


  • Character sets for graphics LCDs
    The SED1520 and HD61202 graphics controllers do not have their own character set, so this has to be made available externally. In addition, the character set in the T6963 is limited in scope (only 96 characters, 6x8 in size, cannot be placed with pixel accuracy). ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY therefore offers a PC floppy disk with 7 different character sets from 4x6 (micro) to 16x32 pixels for only EUR 62.87*). There are also two Cyrillic character sets (6x8 and 8x16) on this floppy disk. All the character sets can be edited and modified. The floppy disk also contains a little gem in the form of a conversion program for pictures stored in Windows BMP format, adapted to the appropriate display type.
    EA DISKFONT6963: 7+2 character sets for all displays with T6963C (EUR 62.87*))
    EA DISKFONT1520: 7+2 character sets for all displays with SED1520, HD61202 or KS0108 (EUR 62.87*)).
  • Bezels
    Bezels with an anti-glare screen are available for some graphics displays. The bezels are simply inserted into the opening in the front panel. This gives your unit a professional look, and at the same time the anti-glare screen prevents the integrated display from being touched or getting dirty. The anti-glare screen makes the display considerably easier to read. Please refer to the table above for the order numbers of the various bezels. You will find more information on bezels in our data sheet, which is available in PDF format.
  • High-level graphics controllersEA IC6963
    The programming of graphics displays is considerably more complex than that of dot-matrix displays, which explains why there are controller ICs, which already contain character sets and a wide range of graphics functions. This saves time and costs in development. They are controlled via RS-232.
    You will find more information on our rs232 page.
  • RS-232 interface for VGA and ¼VGA displays
    In order to be able to equip smaller processor systems with a VGA screen, a controller card with an RS-232 interface has been developed for LCDs without their own controller. In addition to 8 different character sets, the EA 9710 card in the 160x100 mm European format offers a large number of easy-to-use graphics functions. Each function (straight line, rectangle, box with pattern...) can be used with pixel accuracy by specifying coordinates. No additional software drivers or tools are needed. You will find more information on our news page or in the data sheet, which is available in PDF format. The price if you order 25 is EUR 372.96*). Smaller amounts can be delivered at short notice.

*) Prices quoted are inclusive of 16% sales tax.

Graphics LCD

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