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Standard modulesEA P204-BHNLED dot-matrix display
The dotmatrix LCDs offered here are all equipped with the controller HD44780 or compatible; they contain a complete character set and are configured for operation on the 4- or 8-bit data bus of a processor system. There are R/W, RS and Enable control lines. Please ask about special models with an extended temperature range, a Cyrillic character set or a soldered connector. Semi-customized solutions are possible as of 50 units. The accessories we supply for dotmatrix LCDs include suitable bezels, RS-232 interfaces and EL inverters for displays illuminated by means of EL foils.
Prices if you order in hundreds are between EUR 5.75 and EUR 192.76*) per unit (plus shipping costs). We have a large stock and can thus deliver many models immediately from our stock in Graefelfing near Munich.
As a special we do have a I2C bus interface display with 3x12 character. It is compatible to OPTREX OEG3231493, OEG3231413 OEG3231247, C51573, Philips LPH3827.

The following display sizes (lines x characters) are available as standard modules (further information in tabular form):
1x8 | 1x16 | 1x20 | 2x8 | 2x12 | 2x16 | 2x20 | 2x24 | 2x40 | 3x12 | 4x12 | 4x16 | 4x20 | 4x40 ]
*) Prices quoted are inclusive of 16% sales tax for Germany


DIP Modules
Fixing itself !

* Outline Dimensions 68(75)x27x11 mm

* effective viewing area / no pcb border
* outline dimensions 68(75)x27x11 mm
* no more mounting holes
* simply solder into motherboard
* with LED backlight
* competitive in price and availability
* incl. standard controller
* 4x pin compatible:

 1x8 / 11.48 mm Data Sheet EA DIP081 (yellow/green)
 2x16 / 6.68 mm Data Sheet EA DIP162 (yellow/green, blue)
 4x20 / 3.73 mm Data Sheet EA DIP204 (yellow/green, blue)
 122x32 / Graphics Data Sheet EA DIP122 (yellow/green, blue)

* Outline Dimensions 75x46x11 mm

* extreme compact lc-display 4x20 / 6.45mm
* no more mounting holes
* simply solder into motherboard
* with LED backlight
* Controller KS0073 on board
* 16 Icons like battery symbol, arrows...

 4x20 / 6.45 mm Data Sheet EA DIP204-6 (german, blue)
 128x64 / Graphic Datenblatt EA DIP128-6 (german, blue, b&w)

* Outline Dimensions 40x20x8(11) mm

* incl. standard controller
* 2x8 also available with LED backlight
* same outline dimensions:

1x8/7.15mm Data Sheet EA 8081-A3N (german)
2x8 / 5.01 mm Data Sheet EA DIPS082-HN

Prospect (189kB)

Blue Line

* Why make do with the greens and yellows of conventional displays?
* Why make do with the pale light of EL foil illumination?
* Why make do with expensive EL/CFL inverters and their EMC problems?

2x16 characters, 5.55mm font

Immediate benefits:
- Brightness adjustable between 0% and 100%
- Easily read with a current of 15mA or more
- Maximum power consumption of 90mA (!)
- Various standard modules orderable as single units
- All modules 100% compatible with the standard
- Upgrading thus possible at any time
- Constantly falling prices

The following modules are currently available:
2x16 - 5.55mm - 80x36mm - EA W162B-N3LW
2x16 - 5.55mm - 84x44mm - EA W162B-NLW
2x16 - 9.66mm - 122x44mm - EA W162B-BNLW
2x20 - 5.55mm - 116x39mm - EA W202B-NLW
2x40 - 5.55mm - 182x33.5mm EA W402B-NLW
4x20 - 4.75mm - 98x60mm - EA W204B-NLW
4x20 - 6.45mm - 75x46mm - EA DIP204B-6NLW
4x20 - 9.22mm - 146x63mm - EA T204B-BNLW
4x40 - 4.89mm - 190x54mm - EA W404B-NLW
Graphic 128x64 - 93x70mm EA W128B-6N2LW
Graphic 240x64 - 180x65 EA W240-6KH2LW
Data sheet for all BlueLine modules available as a .pdf file (803KB)

4x20 characters, 4.75mm font

 The series with RS-232 / RS-422 EA SER series EA SER402-NLED with cabel
Fixed-text displays for 64 messages EA TXT series

The series we are talking about here is an LCD dotmatrix series complete with a control interface and bezel. The LCD module, which includes an RS-232 interface, is delivered as a unit. It is connected to a standard RS-232C interface (or, alternatively, an RS-422).
You will find more information on this on the rs232 page.

 Dynamic dotmatrix displays EA DYN204-NLED

Dynamic dotmatrix modules permit 4 different font sizes to be displayed simultaneously. As a result, text or measurement values can be highlighted and are thus also visible from some distance. They are controlled via their integrated RS-232 interface.
You will find more information on this on the rs232 page.

 RS-232 / RS-422 controllers EA 9706-V24

The EA 9707-V24S interface allows dotmatrix LCDs to be programmed easily and quickly. The interface can be soldered directly onto almost all dotmatrix modules. It is connected to a standard RS-232C interface.
The data transmission rate can be set to 300, 1200, 2400 or 9600 bps. Umlauts (ä, ö, ü, ß, Ä, Ö, Ü) are interpreted as extended IBM code and recoded. If the display is full, it scrolls upward automatically. CR ($0D,13d) and LF ($0A,10d) are identified and executed. This automatic function can be switched off for individual cursor positioning. The supply voltage is +5V/typ. 1mA or +9..35V optionally. The interface can also be supplied with an RS-422 interface (EA 9707-V24S OPT-RS422) instead of RS-232.
The EA 9707-V24S can be connected directly to the 9-pin subminiature D connector of a PC, for example, via the EA KV24-9B cable (approx. 1.50m).

The price for the standard RS-232 EA 9707-V24S controller if you take a batch of 25 is EUR 44.37*). Smaller quantities of the interface can be delivered at short notice. More information is available in our data sheet, which is available in PDF format (german only).

EA 9709-V24S represents a RS-232 interface with built in key inquiry for single keys/switches up to 5x5 Matrix keypad.

*) Prices quoted are inclusive of 16% sales tax for Germany


  • Bezels
    All bezels are available with an anti-glare screen. The bezels are simply inserted into the frontal cutout. This gives your unit a professional look, and at the same time the anti-glare screen prevents the integrated display from being touched or getting dirty. The anti-glare screen makes the display considerably easier to read. Please refer to the tables for dotmatrix modules for the order numbers of the various bezels. You will find more information on bezels in our data sheet, which is available in PDF format, or on our accessories page.
  • Inverters for CFL- and EL-foil illumination
    In contrast to LED illumination, CFL and EL illumination requires a series-connected electronic circuit. This electronic circuit, which is known as an CFL inverter and EL inverter, generates alternating voltage of some hundrets Volt from +5V DC. These inverters have 3-5 pins that are soldered into a printed circuit board. The type required depends on the illumination surface. You will find more information on our accessories page, our news page or in our data sheet, which is available in PDF format.
  • Cables and connectors
    We accept orders of one or more units of the following items for your display: one- or two-row connectors and cables with a grid of 1.27 or 2.54 mm with a female connector (one- or two-row) crimped on, with different numbers of pins and a wide range of lengths.

Dotmatrix LCD

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