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3.3V DOG Module Series
This new display series was specially developed for low-power hand-held applications. For the first time it is possible to operate a standard display at 3.3V! 5V operation is for the character displays also possible. The optionally available LED backlighting can also be run with 3.3V or 5V depending on the connections.


  • compact at 55 x 31 mm at a font size of 5.57 mm (2x16)
  • new: 128x64 large with 68 x 51 mm, 3.0..3.3V, SPI
  • new: 128x64 with 55 x 46 mm, 3.0..3.3V, SPI
  • new: 132x32 with 55 x 31mm, 2.4..3.3V, SPI
  • flat at 2.0(2.8) mm without backlighting and 5.8(6.4) mm with backlighting
  • can be soldered directly into the PCB without any further assembly
  • character displays: 4-bit, 8-bit and SPI interface
  • graphic display: SPI interface
  • 3.3V or 5V - also for the LED backlighting
  • many different designs which can be implemented as of 1 unit
  • Top. -20..+70C integrated temperature compensation
  • no minimum quantities, short delivery times

Display variants

Currently, 6 different variants are available, each of which come in STN yellow/green, reflective, STN blue, FSTN positive and negative:

  • 1 x 8 characters with 11.97 mm font
  • 2 x 16 characters with 5.57mm font
  • 3 x 16 characters with 3.65mm font
  • 132x32 dots, 2.0"
  • 128x64 dots, 2.3"
  • 128x64 dots, 2.9"

Six different colors are available as backlighting:

  • white
  • yellow/green
  • pure green
  • blue
  • amber
  • red
  • full colour RGB
full colour
EA LED55x31-G
EA LED55x31-W
EA LED55x31-B
EA LED55x31-A
EA LED55x31-R

Simply clip the display and the backlighting unit together and you have up to 23 possible combinations.

Ultra thin construction

With a height of just 2.0(2.8) or 5.8(6.4) mm. And this has been achieved without any special construction, but rather with easily processed pins with a pitch of 2.54 mm.
It is also possible to implement a plug-in design using contact strips.

For further information, please compare to the relating data sheet for

Simulation for Windows

A great help for orientation in "colour-jungle" the DOG-Simulator is an excellent tool:: All displays (text and graphic) as well as all different backlight options can be simulated on screen. Free of charge !

Together with the test board EA 9780-1USB individual text and pictures can be shown on the module itself - without any development action. This is the fastest and most easy way to enter the DOG world.


DOG Modules

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Last update: September, 17th. 2008