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World First!
The first intelligent graphic display
- 320x240 - ¼VGA 5.7" -
- 240 x 128 pixels -

Data sheet eDIP240-7 (838KB)

Data sheet eDIP320-8 (1,0MB)


This is how graphics programming will look in the future: no more "pixel programming" but, instead, efficient operation with extensive drawing functions and fonts. The advantages are obvious:

  • no time-consuming graphics programming
  • drastically reduced time-to-market
  • tested functions validated hundreds of times
  • unparalleled flexibility thanks to powerful commands and a variety of interfaces (RS-232, IC, SPI)
  • extremely compact construction
  • and not the least important benefit: a clear price advantage compared to individualized solutions
  • information flyer as a pdf file (151kB)

Samples are available

Character sets
7 built-in fonts in different sizes (see picture opposite). All the character sets can be enlarged to up to 4 times their original size. A command allows you to rotate them by 90 for vertical presentation. Separate character sets such as Cyrillic or Chinese can be additionally integrated at any time.

Powerful commands
such as the touchkey with menu function, clipboard, bargraph, centered strings...
You can therefore create the screen layout you want with just a few, easily understood commands. All the commands are based on coordinate specifications and can therefore be applied and moved to the nearest pixel.
There is a built-in self-test facility for demonstration purposes and initial testing: simply set the "Test" pin to low.

Simulator / Editor / Compiler for Windows
Helpful for the development, but also powerful for 1st. steps is the simulator software for Windows (EA eDIP240-7). With that internal EEPROM can be used to define some pre-defined screen layouts. Software is available for can be downloadedhere immediately: LCD Tools for Windows.
Even communication of simulator via serial interface of PC or via terrminal is possible. Thus a complete and elegant development tool is provided for free.


Extremely compact
This innovative display has an extremely space-saving design that simultaneously maximizes the viewing area: there is no PCB overhang and no contact pads for connectors or cables. The viewing area is also optimally sized.

EA eDIP240-7: Dimensions: 113x70x11mm - Viewing area: 96x61mm (4.2")
EA eDIP320-8: Dimensions: 138x105x10mm - Viewing area: 121x93mm (5.7")

The integrated graphics controller, built-in temperature compensation and integrated negative supply also help reduce the PCB size. Moreover, no additional electronics are required for the optional touch panel: a touch controller is already built in.

Fast, easy assembly
Like all DIP modules, the displays are simply inserted in the PCB and soldered in place. No screws, distance sleeves or cables are required, thus saving material costs and simplifying construction. This results in a saving of between 2 and 4 minutes per module during assembly!

3 different interfaces (RS-232, IC, SPI)
There is something to match every system: depending on the configuration, the connection can be established via an RS-232 (CMOS level), SPI or IC bus interface.

State-of-the-art display technology
Only top-quality materials are used. As a result, this display is very easy to read and offers a high level of contrast. The design and manufacture of this display series guarantees minimum downtimes even under extreme conditions!

Touch panel
Optionally, we can also supply this display with an analog touch panel which can be used for all types of input. An integrated touch controller is responsible for representing and labelling the keys as well as for their interpretation. What is more, the shape, size and number of the keys can be modified whenever required at runtime. This permits a clear, well-organized screen layout that helps eliminate operating errors.
Device adaptations for foreign countries and languages are simple to implement even in tiny runs thanks to the variable labelling. This includes cyrillic and arabic.

With an extended standard temperature range of -20..+70 C, rapid response times are guaranteed down to -20 C (max. 3 seconds). Even the essential temperature compensation is already built-in. The displays are designed for +5V single-supply operation.

Getting started
The package EA START-eDIP240 and EA STARTeDIP320 contains everything to get very fast and easy familiar with them:

All informations you can get at our data sheets for EA eDIP240-7 , EA eDIP320-8 and EA 9777-1USB (german).

EA eDIP240-7 / EA eDIP320-8


Last update: October, 23rd. 2008